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Wix Website Build Out ~ Make A Splash

  • 2Weeks
  • 7Steps


You want a website, but you want to KISS (keep it super simple). How about a website that ~ can capture emails (maybe for newsletters) ~ have a few pictures or sliders ~ just enough wording to get them engaged  ~ and an easy way to contact you Ideally for Model Profiles | Bloggers | Digital Resume | Coming Soon | Announcements It won't take more than a week and we've got 2 weeks. It will take me a day to design a template for you and then we will spend up to 90mins on each section at different scheduled times. From there, you'll have tasks to help you get more acquainted. If you've ever felt a little stuck trying to figure out Wix, I promise, you'll feel super confident on running your own website when I'm done with you. And even when we get you up and running, there's still going to be questions. Don't worry, I'm around, there's a community brewing, and I'll show you where to find resources and FAQs for Wix. This isn't a race, but it is a marathon and procrastination is your biggest killer of money. Let get to it, jump on in and make a splash.

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